Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bright Side of Life: Reggae Music by Rebelution

One band I listen to when I wanna hear some good Reggae music is Rebelution. This band hails from California, USA and is composed of:

Eric Rachmany - Guitars, Vocals
Marley D. Williams - Bass
Rory Carey - Keyboards
Wesley Finley - Drums

Their music has the same Reggae feel of their Jamaican influences but Rebelution puts in their own flavor which, for me, makes it more exciting to the ears. Listen to the track "Bright Side of Life" to know what I mean.

Bright Side of Life (Dig)
*click the album cover for some audio samples

The album of the same name, "Bright Side of Light", is what I'm currently listening now and it's perfect for the summer season! I could already hear the waves of the ocean as I lie down here in my bed and listen to their songs. I especially enjoyed the song "Lazy Afternoon". It's just perfect for the "laid-back" person that I am!:)

Their previous album entitled "Courage to Grow" was released back in 2007 and is another one Reggae album you should have! I'll talk about this album in one of my future posts.

Courage To Grow

So if you're looking for a different Reggae band to listen to, check them out! Visit the Official Rebelution website for more info on the band. Definitely a must when going to the beach or for bumming out.

Have fun!

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BUSHWOOD said...

We came accross your website while searching for Rebelution, a band that just played in south FL and was amazing live!

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