Monday, April 11, 2011

Daddy Tip: Protect your child's head with a Thudguard!

Spending time with my little boy Liam is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life as a dad. I would never exchange it for anything else in this world.

My day usually starts with him often waking my wife and I up at around 7 in the morning either by pushing us or sometimes by opening our eyes with his little fingers. One time he even inserted one of his fingers up my nose just to wake me up! Imagine what that felt like! hahaha! Anyway, regardless of his preferred "wake up method" for the day, I really look forward to our activity time together.

Usually, my wife and I give Liam a chance to practice his walking skills by bringing him up the roof deck of our condo and letting him play there 'til he gets tired. Other times we take him out to the mall to let him play in one the children's play area there. And since he's still learning to walk, he walks like a guy who drank 12 bottles of beer and a bottle of vodka! So you could just imagine our fear whenever he falls down. Thank goodness we received a Thudguard helmet from my parents and sisters on his first birthday! Now whenever he walks, as long as he's wearing it, we just let him do his thing. The Thudguard helmet not only saved our little boy from lots of bad bumps in the head, it looks good on him too!

*I took these pictures from my wife's makeup blog hehehe

So if you have a kid who's still learning to walk, I strongly recommend you get him/her one! It's definitely worth it! Checkout the Thudguard Asia Website to learn more.

P.S. Guess what, our little boy is included in Thudguard Asia's Baby Models for April 2011! :)

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