Saturday, April 23, 2011

Experience Freedom with Ubuntu Linux

I wanna share with you something I've been enjoying for quite some time now. If you are someone who:

a. just bought a brand new laptop computer that didn't come with an Operating System
b. is stuck with a old/pirated Operating Software because of budget concerns
c. is tired of being hassled by viruses infecting and destroying your computer
d. loves Freebies!

then I believe this Tech related post would be of benefit to you!

Today, I'm gonna talk about Ubuntu Linux.

So what's Ubuntu Linux? Well, first off, Ubuntu Linux is an Operating System. An operating system, OS, is the software you use to run your computers. Windows is an example of an OS.

Now why should you consider installing Ubuntu Linux? For starters, it is secure, fast and so easy to use! It could run on your desktop, laptop, netbook and even on servers. And did I mention that it is FREE?! Yes, it is FREE! And it will always be so.

Since there are very few viruses on Linux, virus problems will be a thing of the past when you use Ubuntu Linux. Also, Ubuntu Linux comes with thousands of Free Software. Imagine not spending a dime on quality software. Almost all Windows based software have a Free alternative on Ubuntu Linux. There are also lots of communities that provide support for first time Ubuntu users. one such forum I'm currently using is Ubuntu Forums. You just post a question on one of these forums and expect solutions in no time.

I've been using Ubuntu Linux since 2007. And I could honestly say that it's one of the best decisions of my Life! So go and download Ubuntu Linux from the Ubuntu Website and experience freedom for yourself. If you're having second thoughts, you could even try it out without installing it to your computer just by burning it on a blank cd.

*my ubuntu desktop
And lastly, I'll be more than happy to assist you should you need help. :)

Have fun!

By the way, a new version of Ubuntu Linux will be out on April 28, 2011. Watch out for it!


Deo said...

Ubuntu user ka rin pala pre. Ako rin. kaso medyo bad trip ako sa unity. I miss the applications menu ng gnome.

Paulo said...

bro! yup, ubuntu user here since 2007! :) hehe anyway pare, you could actually still run Gnome on Ubuntu 11.04! checkout this link:

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