Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guitar Tip #2: Buy a Guitar Tuner

The next item you should have after buying your guitar (acoustic or electric) and amp is a guitar tuner! A lot of guitar players overlook this, saying they'd rather spend their money on guitar effects and other stuff. Well for me, if you're serious about music, you should definitely get one of these. It' not expensive and it's very useful!

*my Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner

Guitar players nowadays are so lucky 'coz there are so many kinds of guitar tuners in the market today. There are pocket sized tuners operated by batteries, pedal type tuners operated by an AC power source or batteries, clip-on tuners, tuners with built in mics for acoustic guitars or input jacks for electric guitars, tuners with displays that are either an actual needle, an LCD with a digital needle, LEDs. Some of the more trusted brands include: Korg, Boss and Peterson.

*my Korg Pedal Tuner

If you have cash to spend, get a Strobe Tuner. They are the most accurate type of tuners though they're a bit pricey.

As for me, I highly recommend that you get a chromatic tuner instead of the regular one. A chromatic tuner allows you to tune your guitar to any note. Also, if you play in a band, it's best if you and your bandmates use the same brand/kind of tuners.

So do yourself and your audience a favor, go out and buy a guitar tuner now!

And for those who can't go out now and buy one, and have an iPhone or iPad, you could download a free guitar tuner app from the Gibson guitar's website. Though I still recommend that you get a real guitar tuner, but hey, it's better than no guitar tuner at all, right?


gaijinph said...

sadly, a lot of bands today put this at the last on the list. Like this band i saw perform at market market 2 years ago. they came from an elite school (which they bragged about the whole time there) and when it came to the main event. every instruments was in a different tuning. and the 3 vocalists also had different voice key. their set was a total disaster. it was a total waste since it took 30 minutes for their make shift 'roadies' to set up their equipment.

Paulo said...

i feel bad for them man, spending all those time and money but missing out on one of the most crucial tool every musician should have.

Bone Pagligaran said...

another manifestation of modern music's decline... bands playing out of tune

Paulo said...

i agree bone

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