Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guitar Tip #4: Change your Electric Guitar Strings regularly!

Using good quality electric guitar strings is essential if you want to have a good tone. Electric guitar strings are usually made of Nickel Roundwound although other materials may also be used.

In choosing electric guitar strings, make sure you choose the right type for the kind of guitar you're going to use it on. Acoustic guitars strings are usually made of Phosphor Bronze so be careful with these. Guitar strings also come in different gauges. Rule of thumb is "the thicker the strings, the better the tone". But then, the thicker your strings are, the harder it is to play. Guitar shredders often use .009s string gauge for ease of playing fast runs. But I strongly suggest you don't go any lower than this. My guitar string gauge of choice is .010s.

Common mistake made by guitarists is that they wait for their string to break before changing them. Remember, serious guitar players change their guitar strings at least every month! And also, when you change guitar strings, make sure you change them all. New guitar strings usually sound brighter and livelier than old ones.

Of all these guitar strings available on the market today, my preferred brand would be the Snarling Dogs Electric guitar strings. I chose this because of it's affordable and is of good quality. These can be bought at Lazer Music Store for only P220 per set.

1. When buying guitar strings, make sure that the strings inside the pack are complete and are of the right gauges. Also, check if all the strings have ball-ends.
2. Use a string winder.

Here's a good video tutorial from D' Addario on how to change your guitar strings.

Have fun!!!


gaijinph said...

I also saw in some video way back that putting your strings in a below zero temperature helps align some particles inside the string and improve reverberation or something.

but don't just try putting your strings in a freezer...already did that...it just corroded my brand new bass strings.

Paulo said...

hahaha, I think using the strings straight from the pack would be just fine bro :)

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