Thursday, June 16, 2011

All by Myself: The Digitech RP155 Guitar Multi-Effects

In all honesty, I've never been a fan of Guitar Multi-effects. I mean, yeah they do have great modulation effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, etc.) but usually their overdrives/distortions suck big time! They sound so processed and so fake that it makes you just wanna run to the mountains and throw the damn pedal all the way down(harsh, I know, hahaha)! Usually, I say to my peers, "I'd rather have one good overdrive pedal than have a crappy sounding multi-effects on gigs".

And for years, I've been this way with guitar multi-effects pedals. I never really looked at another one, not until I realized that I was gonna be playing alone most of the time at home again since most of my bandmates were either busy or just doing their own thing. I suddenly needed a device that would let me feel that I'm playing with other musicians. Something that has a looper, a drum machine, different guitar effects and headphone output(for quiet playing).

And this is when I gave the guitar multi-effects another chance and got my hands on the Digitech RP155 Guitar Multi-effects pedal. And boy was I missing out!

DigiTech RP155 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

For some reason, the amp models and distortions/overdrives on this unit are very usable. They're quite good, actually. The modulations are just the way they should be: beautiful. It has a 20 second looper, a built-in tuner, drum machine/metronome, a headphone output jack and a USB recording interface. It even came with a power adapter! I got all of this for only Php5,200(around $110)! Visit Digitech's website to learn more about the RP155.

It's the perfect thing to have when you're home, alone and you're looking to rock out or practice with your guitar! It even allowed me to jam with one of friends virtually! Checkout our video below:

Cool device, isn't it? Now, I don't feel so alone anymore.

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