Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Watch a Show in Araneta Coliseum

With lots of big music artists coming to the Philippines this year, I would like to share some tips I learned, based from experience, from watching concerts at Araneta Coliseum. Most are common sense in nature, but just in case:

*image from Araneta Coliseum's website

1. If you don't have reserved seats, be there for at least 2 hours before the show. This will at least give you a chance to get a good spot.

2. Don't be shy to ask if you're in the proper line for your ticket. This will save a lot of pain.

3. Outside food is not allowed in Araneta Coliseum. Unless you plan to buy from the food stalls inside(which is a bit pricey), make sure you've had a good meal before going in. This will serve as your fuel so you could dance and cheer all night long 'til the last song.

4. Wear comfortable shoes. Chances are you will be standing the entire show.

5. If you don't have reserved seats and you and your friends plan to meet inside the Coliseum instead, you could use the Ad banners at the top sides as guide so your friends will know more or less where you're seated.

6. You could use your mobile phone as a flashlight when walking through dark aisles. Be careful though with your stuff when in dark places and don't forget to set your phone to silent mode while inside the venue.

7. And lastly, have fun! Leave all your worries behind while you're inside Araneta. You have all the time in the world to deal with them after the show.

Araneta Coliseum
Araneta Center Cubao Quezon City, Philippines
URL: Araneta Coliseum's Website

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