Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I Met Rock Music

Happy New Year!

Today I wanna share with you one of the best things that ever happened to my life, and that is how I started my long running love affair with music.

I remember it was 1994 and I was a quiet kid in school, just doing my homework everyday and so addicted to playing video games. I really didn't have a hobby, I guess the options weren't many for kids my age back then.

Anyway, one day during the summer vacation of that year, I was hanging out with my one of my neighbor friends who lives across the street from my mom's house when all of a sudden he brought out a black a cassette tape and said that he's going to play some cool music that I should check out. Turns out this tape is an album of the great Bon Jovi called "Slippery When Wet".

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I was instantly hooked. The music I was hearing was something I've never heard before. Upbeat and mellow at times, I loved the sound coming at me! I was really fascinated with the guitar sounds I was hearing.

So when the weekend came and my parents brought us to the mall, I went out on a mission to research this rock music I heard in my friend's place and went straight to the nearest record store. Man, was I in for a surprise, there were a lot of albums under the rock section and the covers we so cool too! I spent more than an hour just browsing the rows of cassette tapes in front of me.

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My first rock album ever was White Lion's "The Best of White Lion". Just like the guitars I heard in Bon Jovi's album, they were amazing!

The next week, I bought Bon Jovi's New Jersey album.

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From then on, I would save my small school allowance and buy a rock album every weekend. For special occassions, I would ask my mom and dad to buy me a rock tape as gift.

And this is how I ended up now: playing guitar in bands, making orignal music and doing bar gigs. Music has defined my life literally, it defined who I hang out with and the things I did on my free time, the things I focus on.

I'm really glad I heard that Bon Jovi album. Now I will end this post with one of the first ever Bon Jovi songs I heard, "Never Say Goodbye". Enjoy!

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gaijinph said...

first encouter ko is with 'Appetite for Destruction' ng Guns...

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