Saturday, May 5, 2012 The Pinoy TV Channel on your Computer! is the website to go to watch fresh and original Pinoy shows online. I'm really amazed that TV is really now on the internet(or the internet is now on your TV hehe!).

I remember not so long ago, whenever I want to watch a show or the latest rock music videos, I would have to sit and wait for a long time in front of the TV for it. Good thing now that we have the internet and we can watch the shows we want on-demand. And music videos may easily be searched and viewed via YouTube.

But if you're looking for something new, something different and something Pinoy, then I highly recommend you visit With a very wide variety of shows, I'm pretty sure they have something that you would enjoy. For me, my favorite shows are Happy Endings, Ashley's Playlist and LSS: Last Song Syndrome.

*At the set of Ashley's Playlist

*with Ashley, Anj and Out of Body Special

By the way, a little trivia: my alternative rock band, Hedgezero, was featured in their show LSS a few years back. Check it out here!


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Jacaranda Flagg said...

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