Thursday, September 5, 2013

The World Balance Easy Soft shoes - Nice Rainy day shoes for only Php299!

A few weekends back, I invited my wife to go out so we could buy a new pair of rubber shoes for her since her old ones are already worn out. So off we went to Robinson's Forum Pioneer (since it's near our place) and visited the shoe store, Olympic Outlet, located at the 2nd floor of the mall. In front of the store, I was just mindlessly going through the different shoes on display, not really planning to buy anything, however, I was surprised to find this:

*photo by my wife Kim

World Balance Easy Soft shoes

It looks like a pair of leather shoes but it is actually make of rubber! Here are my initial observations:
  • the shoes actually look good
  • it is lightweight
  • the rubber material used could easily be mistaken as leather which means I could use it in the office
  • they're sold for only Php299! (oh yes, I am stingy hehe!)
So when my wife was able to find a pair of rubber shoes for herself, I told her I want one of those World Balance Easy Soft shoes outside.

After using the shoes in the past few weeks, here are what I observed:
  • they are very comfortable to use
  • they are water-proof. It was raining hard yesterday when I went out of the office for dinner, and my feet was protected from the rain.
  • nobody in the office noticed that it wasn't actually made of leather.

One downside, though, is that your feet could somehow get sweaty inside since the shoe is really air tight. A good pair of black cotton socks could easily solve this.

The World Balance Easy Soft shoes come in different designs and colors: white, black and brown.

I highly recommend these shoes to people who want a comfortable yet affordable pair of shoes. These shoes are perfect for the rainy days! Also, I think it would be very easy to wash them since they're made of rubber and the in-sole is removable. I plan to use this as an alternate to my usual daily leather shoes.

Great job to World Balance for coming up with good products at low prices!


Anonymous said...

:) l

Anonymous said...

Where can we buy this? We're searching for it.

Paulo said...


Hello there, you may find some at SM and Robinsons department stores. :)

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