Monday, January 13, 2014

FILSCAP Music Copyright Infomercial now showing in SM Cinemas Nationwide

Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Inc., the country’s biggest organization that enforces the rights of music creators, in partnership with SM Cinema, recently released an infomercial on music copyright. The 45-second video that will run for one year (2013-2014) is a FILSCAP initiated effort in increasing public awareness on the value of music and garnering more recognition and support for the rights of music creators.
The release of the infomercial in cinemas is a big win for music creators worldwide as far as providing the general public with information on the indispensable and ever-present role of music in our everyday lives. It is also a call to individuals and business practitioners to comply with the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines which states the need to secure proper permission from music creators for the use of music in any personal and/or business transactions—a right that is diligently enforced by FILSCAP.

FILSCAP is a non-stock, non-profit association of composers, lyricists and music publishers established in 1965 to primarily administer and enforce the “authorization rights” of music creators / copyright owners with respect to the public performance and communication to the public of their musical works. It is a regular member of the Paris-based International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) which is the international confederation for copyright societies around the world. At present, FILSCAP has 900+ members and 40+ affiliate foreign societies, and holds the right to license the public playing or transmission of at least 90% of the popular copyrighted local and foreign musical works in the Philippines. FILSCAP’s licensees include, among others, TV stations, radio stations, concert/event producers, malls, retail stores, restaurants, bars, music lounges, cinemas, salons, spas, airlines, hotels, casinos, amusement parks and website owners/operators. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Band Flub

Today, I wanna share with you one of the bands that I currently play in. The name of the band is Flub. I started this band with my good friend, Noel (who is also my bandmate in my other previous bands).

The idea came about back in 2011 when Noel and I got really frustrated because we didn't have a band at that time and we really wanted to play some fast, punk rock music. After a few lunch meetings during office breaks, Flub was born!

The current Flub line-up:
Ace Ablay - Bass
Tobs Tobio - Drums
Noel San Felipe - Vocals, Guitars
Paulo Rodriguez - Guitars

We have recently finished recording our first EP entitled "Urban Fairytales and Folklore". It contains 3 original tracks. The first song "Super Cheezy Mega Love Story" is now available for free at our Facebook bandpage Please feel free to download and share it to your friends. We would be releasing a song from the EP every month so watch out for it.

It's really funny 'coz we were initially planning to write/play some hard, fast rock songs but ended up sounding so alternative rock. Whatever. As long as we like it and we're having fun then I guess we don't care, hehehe!

We have played several gigs around the metro already and we plan to play some more though we would like to focus more on writing, recording and releasing original music. We target to start recording again by November 2013. In the meantime, please do check out our songs and I hope to see you in one of our gigs soon!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting an NBI Clearance the Fast and Easy Way

Need an NBI clearance? If you live in Manila Philippines, you are in luck! I have a great tip for you. Read on my friend.

Most of us know that to get an NBI clearance, you have to go very early to an NBI satellite office and fall in line there until you get your clearance. This is fine...if you're willing to spend at least half of your day there. I went there today at 10AM and, believe me, the number I got was already #203. Not cool.

There is a better way. And I will share it with you today. Are you ready? Here we go!

Rather than going directly to an NBI Satellite office, I would suggest that you rather go to the "We Lead Companies" office at the 21st floor of Galleria Corporate Center (which is right beside Robinsons Galleria) and have it processed there.

What you need:
1. A working email address that you could access there.
2. Cash to pay for the service.
3. Valid IDs.

That's it.

What happens is that, they encode all your info there and accept your payment as well. I paid for Php200 only all in all(Php115 NBI clearance + Online Fee Php25 + Service fee Php60). After which they would give you a printed sheet of paper with a QR code. You will now have to go to the NBI satellite office at the basement of Robinson's Galleria and proceed to the line for "Step 3" so they could take your picture and get your fingerprints. Just make sure you go to correct line so you don't waste time. After this, go to "Step 4" which is the releasing step and then you're done!

It took me around an hour to finish everything as there was a short line on "Step 4". But an hour is nothing when processing these kinds of documents. Do note that if your name gets a "Hit", you will have to come back to the NBI Satellite office on the date that they would provide you to get your NBI clearance.

Easy isn't it? Let me know if you have questions :)

We Lead Companies
Corporate Headquarters
2102 Galleria Corporate Center
EDSA cor Ortigas Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone Number: (+632) 395-5092

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